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Dealing With Dragons

Project type

Concepts, Character Art, Environment Art, Project Management


January 2023


Denver, Co

For this project, I came up with a video game concept. I was inspired by indie games like Stardew Valley and a childhood novel called "Dealing with Dragons" by Patricia C. Wrede. Players would start as Terra, a young princess who just ran away from home to escape the monotonous life of arranged marriage. Terra finds herself in a cave; before she knows it, she finds a job as an assistant to the great dragon Cryn. Players will help clean treasure, cook meals, and organize magical libraries to unlock the mysteries of the Dragon's Caverns. After creating the whole concept, I started creating the visual images. I made the first and second iterations of all of the character art, including enemies battled in the caves. I then created a game map and first and second-iteration concept art for the central locations. Next, I chose an artistic theme based on games like Studio MDHR's Cuphead. I then moved on to create the introductory cut scene and even started creating character animations. This project took many hours over several months and a significant amount of project management. Illustrations were created in Procreate and Photoshop, and animations were created in After Effects.

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